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San Diego Family Mediation Center


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San Diego Family Mediation Center is here to help you and your family through the bumpy road of life. Contact us for a free case consultation or come see us during our weekly drop in clinics or monthly seminars to meet our team.

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Who We Are

At San Diego Family Mediation Center we’re here to help you and your family deal with conflict constructively and find […]

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Why We’re Different

There are a lot of programs and processes out there that promise a quick, inexpensive simple divorce. The problem is […]

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What We Do

We offer a wide variety of family mediation services in San Diego, California. Whether you are getting married, getting divorced, […]

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Did you know?

In California 8 of every 1000 marriages end in divorce. It is estimated that 95% of all divorces in the United States are classified as “Uncontested Divorces” because both parties come to an agreement in mediation. We believe mediation to be the best route for divorce, it allows both parties to have their voices heard and unlike the rest of the legal process mediation allows room for emotions to dictate the outcome of a divorce.

Mediation can also be much less expensive then traditional divorce proceedings and can still provide a court-enforceable agreement that both parties agree to. The wishes of your children are taken into consideration with mediation and parenting plans are often much more effective in partners who agree to mediation. If you need to separate from your spouse the San Diego Family Mediation center is ready to help.

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