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What Does the Best Interest of the Child Mean?

By Amanda Singer When you’re going through a divorce and have a child in California (or if you’re never been […]

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How Do We Tell our Friends We’re Getting a Divorce?

how to tell friends we are getting a divorce

By Amanda Singer Most often the question I hear from my clients is how do we tell our kids we’re […]

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Cheating Online and Divorce

cheating online

By Amanda Singer Most of the time, when people think about cheating, they think about someone having a physical affair, […]

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Being a Bonus Parent

By Amanda Singer For those people that marry someone who already has kids, they have usually been referred to as […]

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Communication Skills for Any Relationship 

communication skills

By Amanda Singer  Being ordered to shelter in place can be difficult for people in thriving happy relationships and even more difficult […]

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How to Get a Divorce Online 

Get a Divorce Online

By Amanda Singer   Even before Covid-19 hit and businesses who may have never thought about moving online were forced to move […]

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How Job Loss Could Impact Child Support and Spousal Support 

By Amanda Singer   As of April 24, 2020, the US has lost 26.5 million jobs over the past five weeks, […]

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Splitting Assets In a Down Market 

get divorced during a down market

By Amanda Singer  A lot is going on right now in the world. For those of you currently involved in […]

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Co-parenting and COVID-19 

by Amanda Singer  This is an unknown and challenging time for everyone, as there are so many changes. For those […]

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Courts are Closed, What Do I Do Now? 

san diego online divorce

By Amanda Singer  Beginning March 17th, the San Diego Family Courts are closed except for emergency issues, such as restraining […]

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