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How to Choose the Right Mediator: Divorce Help In San Diego

divorce help san diego

By Amanda Singer Choosing the right mediator can be a difficult decision, and unfortunately, not all mediators are created equally. […]

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Collaborative Law v. Mediation

mediation or collaborative law

By Amanda Singer If you’ve decided to get divorced, it can be difficult sometimes to determine what to do next. […]

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What Is a Default Divorce in San Diego?

default divorce in San Diego

By Amanda Singer When you’re getting divorced in San Diego, there are a few options of how the divorce gets […]

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What Is an Impasse in Mediation and How Do You Get Past It?

impasse in mediation

By Amanda Singer The dictionary defines impasse as “a situation in which no progress is possible, especially because of disagreement. […]

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Pet Custody in Divorce

pet custody and divorce

I recently adopted a dog and grew up always have at least two cats in our house. Point is, I’m […]

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Religion and Faith Before/During Marriage and After Divorce

faith during divorce

By Amanda Singer Religion is one of those topics that we often don’t talk about because of the concern over […]

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Establishing a Divorce Community

divorce community

By Amanda Singer When you’re going through a divorce, it is difficult to say the least. Whether you are at […]

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Female Breadwinners: Marriage and Divorce

female breadwinner

Female Breadwinners: Marriage and Divorce By Amanda Singer More often I have clients where the women are the higher earner […]

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How to Buy a House Together When You Aren’t Married (and Protect Yourself)

My boyfriend and I recently bought a home together. It is the first home either of us has bought and […]

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How to Lock In 2018 Tax Laws for Spousal Support in California


How to Lock In 2018 Tax Laws for Spousal Support in California By Amanda Singer As many of you reading […]

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