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Religion and Faith Before/During Marriage and After Divorce

faith during divorce

By Amanda Singer Religion is one of those topics that we often don’t talk about because of the concern over […]

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Establishing a Divorce Community

divorce community

By Amanda Singer When you’re going through a divorce, it is difficult to say the least. Whether you are at […]

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Female Breadwinners: Marriage and Divorce

female breadwinner

Female Breadwinners: Marriage and Divorce By Amanda Singer More often I have clients where the women are the higher earner […]

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How to Buy a House Together When You Aren’t Married (and Protect Yourself)

My boyfriend and I recently bought a home together. It is the first home either of us has bought and […]

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How to Lock In 2018 Tax Laws for Spousal Support in California


How to Lock In 2018 Tax Laws for Spousal Support in California By Amanda Singer As many of you reading […]

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Tax Changes & Prenups: How Will This All Work?

By Amanda Singer There’s been a lot of talk going on around the recent tax changes as it relates to […]

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Emotional Labor & Its Toll on Marriage

divorce san diego

Written by Amanda Singer Recently my Dad sent me a podcast to listen to from ‘Dear Sugars” titled The Invisible […]

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Splitting Up Together

Low-Cost Divorce San Diego

Splitting Up Together is a new show on ABC, about a couple (Martin and Lena) who gets divorced but decides […]

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Why Most Couples Decide to Sell the House

San Diego Mediators

Often the most important (and valuable) asset couples have together is their home. Deciding what to do with your home […]

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 Alimony Recapture Rule: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

spousal support san diego

Majority of the clients we work regarding San Diego spousal support have never heard of the alimony recapture rule and […]

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