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What is a CDFA and How Can They Help Me in My Divorce? 

certified divorce financial analyst

By Jennifer Segura  Founded in 1993, the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA) is the premier national organization dedicated to […]

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A Marriage Story, Truth 

By Jennifer Segura    During the first session, a client asked me if I had seen “A Marriage Story” on Netflix. […]

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Family, Holidays, and Divorce

By Jennifer Segura Trying to make it through the divorce of a family member is quite awkward, especially when it […]

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Is Gross or Net Income Used When Calculating Support?  

By Jennifer M. Segura    We often are asked how child and/or spousal support is calculated; whether gross income or net […]

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Can I Mediate During Divorce Litigation?  

divorce litigation

Can I Mediate During Divorce Litigation? | By Jennifer M. Segura   We often have potential clients call and ask if […]

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Fall into good habits: Co-Parenting This Fall

By Jennifer Segura As the chaos of summer is finally winding down, the chaos of school starting begins to rev […]

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Summer Travel with the Kiddos Post Divorce

By Jennifer Segura It is that dreaded time of year again… when parents start to scramble to figure out what […]

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Attorneys vs. Mediators: The Good the Bad and The Truth

By Jennifer Segura Attorneys and mediators are in this weird symbiotic relationship, but yet it is not entirely clear if […]

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What If One Person Doesn’t Want the Divorce?

Divorce mediator in Encinitas

By Jennifer Segura We often get the question, “What if my spouse does not want the divorce, do I have […]

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How to File for Child Support in San Diego

child support in san diego

By Jennifer Segura If you find yourself in a situation where you need to file for child custody and/or child […]

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