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Summer Travel with the Kiddos Post Divorce

By Jennifer Segura It is that dreaded time of year again… when parents start to scramble to figure out what […]

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Attorneys vs. Mediators: The Good the Bad and The Truth

By Jennifer Segura Attorneys and mediators are in this weird symbiotic relationship, but yet it is not entirely clear if […]

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What If One Person Doesn’t Want the Divorce?

Divorce mediator in Encinitas

By Jennifer Segura We often get the question, “What if my spouse does not want the divorce, do I have […]

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How to File for Child Support in San Diego

child support in san diego

By Jennifer Segura If you find yourself in a situation where you need to file for child custody and/or child […]

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Is Mediating My Divorce Taking a Shortcut?

san diego divorce mediators

By Jennifer Segura Since I became a mediator over ten years ago, I have witnessed a sort of love/hate relationship […]

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What to Do with Our Children’s Accounts in a Divorce?

children's accounts

By Jennifer Segura When going through a divorce the joint assets go through a sort of equalization process, to ensure […]

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San Diego Child Support: How Is it Calculated and What Does it Cover?

San Diego child support

By Jen Segura There always seems to be confusion around what San Diego child support covers. We thought we would […]

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Why Is Marriage So Hard? Is Anyone Happy?

marriage is hard

Not too long ago I read an article that resonated SO much with me that I have continued to share […]

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Why Do I Need a QDRO and What Is It?


Why Do I Need a QDRO and What Is It? Qualified Domestic Relations Orders… also referred to as a “QDRO” is […]

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The Greatest Showman, Infidelity, and Marriage

Greatest Showman

By Jen Segura If only real life could be this way….*Warning, movie spoilers ahead* So… I finally had a chance […]

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