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San Diego Child Support: How Is it Calculated and What Does it Cover?

San Diego child support

By Jen Segura There always seems to be confusion around what San Diego child support covers. We thought we would […]

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Why Is Marriage So Hard? Is Anyone Happy?

marriage is hard

Not too long ago I read an article that resonated SO much with me that I have continued to share […]

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Why Do I Need a QDRO and What Is It?


Why Do I Need a QDRO and What Is It? Qualified Domestic Relations Orders… also referred to as a “QDRO” is […]

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The Greatest Showman, Infidelity, and Marriage

Greatest Showman

By Jen Segura If only real life could be this way….*Warning, movie spoilers ahead* So… I finally had a chance […]

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The Importance of Filing in June

divorce san diego

You may have received our recent newsletter that discussed filing your initial petition by June 20th if you wish to […]

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Why the Love of a Good Friend May Save a Marriage

save marriage

Many things make men and women different. As a woman myself, I have to say my favorite difference is that […]

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What Exactly Does the Six-Month “Cooling off” Period Mean to Me

spousal support in san diego

This is a topic we often find confuses our clients, and so it is always a topic we come back […]

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5 Financial Tips for Those Going Through a Divorce

divorce financial planning

Divorce, no doubt, is devastating emotionally, but can also be devastating financially. Even if there is a lot of money, […]

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How Not to Hate Your Spouse After Having Kids

divorce mediation

I am an avid audiobook listener… with two little kiddos at home, there is no time for relaxing and reading […]

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Not My Kid, Not My Problem: How Dependent Deductions Impact All of Us

parenting plan

  While the government proposes to take away dependent deductions and deductions for alimony, and family court continues to tear families apart, it […]

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