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Why Everyone Is Choosing Divorce Mediation in California

divorce mediation california

Have you ever gone in the middle of a public place and started screaming out all your most private and […]

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Divorce and Special Needs Children

Being a parent of a child with special needs is incredibly stressful. It isn’t surprising that the divorce rate amongst […]

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Divorce and Self-Blame

You hear it all the time, it takes two to tango. It is true that divorce is often the result […]

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Speaking Positively About Your Spouse Benefits You

Anyone who has been in a divorce understands the tendency to speak badly about the other person. Maybe they were […]

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Should You Spend Holidays Together During a Divorce?

This is a common question that comes up during the divorce process, particularly as we approach the holiday season. Should […]

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Sometimes It’s Better to Cut Your Losses

If you are a perfectionist, type-A personality type, it can be so difficult to call it quits. You want to […]

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Divorce Is Not a Personal Failure

While it is much more acceptable to talk about divorce than it was a few decades ago, it still has […]

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8 Best Kids Books That Explain Divorce

Being a parent sometimes means having really difficult conversations with your child. If you and your spouse have decided to […]

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Grieving After Your Divorce

People cope with divorce just like a death. In certain ways, it is exactly like a death, but instead of […]

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Just Let It Go: The Key to Peace with Your Ex

As many divorcing couples know, your ex has the unique ability to get under your skin in just the right […]

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