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What Is an Impasse in Mediation and How Do You Get Past It?

impasse in mediation

By Amanda Singer The dictionary defines impasse as “a situation in which no progress is possible, especially because of disagreement. […]

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What if One Party Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers?

What if one party refuses to sign divorce papers

By Rachel Vanni During a divorce, it is common for one side to be the initiator. In fact, one spouse […]

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Is Mediating My Divorce Taking a Shortcut?

san diego divorce mediators

By Jennifer Segura Since I became a mediator over ten years ago, I have witnessed a sort of love/hate relationship […]

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Pet Custody in Divorce

pet custody and divorce

I recently adopted a dog and grew up always have at least two cats in our house. Point is, I’m […]

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So, Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

spouse wants a divorce

By Rachel Vanni January is known as “divorce month,” as many people decide post-holidays to call it quits. However, the […]

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What to Do with Our Children’s Accounts in a Divorce?

children's accounts

By Jennifer Segura When going through a divorce the joint assets go through a sort of equalization process, to ensure […]

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Guest Post: Sometimes It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Divorce mediator in Carmel Valley

This is a guest post by CivilCommunicator. The original Post can be found here. Discussions about how best to communicate tone […]

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New Divorce Holiday Survival Guide

divorce holiday survival guide

You are experiencing a lot of firsts as a new divorcé. The holidays bring out a lot of emotion. For […]

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San Diego Child Support: How Is it Calculated and What Does it Cover?

San Diego child support

By Jen Segura There always seems to be confusion around what San Diego child support covers. We thought we would […]

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Establishing a Divorce Community

divorce community

By Amanda Singer When you’re going through a divorce, it is difficult to say the least. Whether you are at […]

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