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How to Save Money on Divorce 

By Amanda Singer One of the most common questions we get from prospective clients when they call or come in […]

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Should You Spend Holidays Together During a Divorce?

This is a common question that comes up during the divorce process, particularly as we approach the holiday season. Should […]

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The Hard Truth About Boundaries 

By Amanda Singer Setting boundaries isn’t easy. However, boundaries are also essential for our self-care and well-being. I recently listened […]

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Is Gross or Net Income Used When Calculating Support?  

By Jennifer M. Segura    We often are asked how child and/or spousal support is calculated; whether gross income or net […]

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Sometimes It’s Better to Cut Your Losses

If you are a perfectionist, type-A personality type, it can be so difficult to call it quits. You want to […]

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8 Best Kids Books That Explain Divorce

Being a parent sometimes means having really difficult conversations with your child. If you and your spouse have decided to […]

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Can I Mediate During Divorce Litigation?  

divorce litigation

Can I Mediate During Divorce Litigation? | By Jennifer M. Segura   We often have potential clients call and ask if […]

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How to Co-Parent Together

By Amanda Singer When you have kids together, and you get divorced or separate your co-parent is always going to […]

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Fall into good habits: Co-Parenting This Fall

By Jennifer Segura As the chaos of summer is finally winding down, the chaos of school starting begins to rev […]

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Can I Move During a Divorce?

Can I move during a divorce?

By Amanda Singer One of the common questions that we get from people is: “Can I move during a divorce?” […]

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