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3 Tips for Fostering Success in Mediation 

By Todd Singer Mediation can be a contentious process. We, as mediators, do everything we can to help achieve a lasting agreement, but one […]

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How to Regain Control Over a Divorce

control over a divorce

Whether you or your spouse initiated a divorce, it can feel like you quickly lose control over the process. This […]

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Guest Post: How to Spot If Your Child Is Depressed

child is depressed divorce

As parents, we just want to get it right with our kids! When going through a major life transition, such […]

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Don’t Use Your Child as a Messenger

San Diego divorce

By Rachel Vanni This seems like one of the most practical things to not do during a San Diego divorce, […]

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Emotional Labor & Its Toll on Marriage

divorce san diego

Written by Amanda Singer Recently my Dad sent me a podcast to listen to from ‘Dear Sugars” titled The Invisible […]

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Child Loss, Marriage, and Divorce

san diego divorce

One of the hardest things anyone could ever go through is the loss of a child. It puts a strain […]

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Co-Parenting with a Teenager

Guest Post by CustodyXChange  The dreaded teenage years are a defining stage in a child’s life. They are also a […]

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The Most Damaging Things You May Be Doing to Your Marriage

No marriage is perfect. It is important to realize that everyone has their ups and downs. Real relationships are moments […]

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5 Financial Tips for Those Going Through a Divorce

divorce financial planning

Divorce, no doubt, is devastating emotionally, but can also be devastating financially. Even if there is a lot of money, […]

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Adult Children of Divorce: How to Cope

By Amanda Singer As a continuation of last weeks’ article where I talked about tips for parents who are going […]

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