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Online Mediation: How it Works  

online mediation

By Jennifer Segura   San Diego Family Mediation Center has always offered online mediation as an option to our clients. Typically, […]

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URGENT: Due to COVID19, We Are Moving 100% Online

Dear Clients & Community, COVID-19 has changed our lives dramatically in such a short period of time. Over the last […]

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You Don’t Need Closure on Everything

I think something a lot of people struggle with is the idea that to have a healthy, thriving marriage, that […]

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Navigating Interfaith Holiday Celebrations 

By Amanda Singer Holidays can be both a wonderful and a difficult time with all of the family time and […]

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Divorce and Special Needs Children

Being a parent of a child with special needs is incredibly stressful. It isn’t surprising that the divorce rate amongst […]

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Traveling with Your Child During the Holidays 

By Amanda Singer The holidays are a time of year where many people travel, whether it’s for vacation or to […]

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Family, Holidays, and Divorce

By Jennifer Segura Trying to make it through the divorce of a family member is quite awkward, especially when it […]

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3 Tips for Fostering Success in Mediation 

By Todd Singer Mediation can be a contentious process. We, as mediators, do everything we can to help achieve a lasting agreement, but one […]

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How to Regain Control Over a Divorce

control over a divorce

Whether you or your spouse initiated a divorce, it can feel like you quickly lose control over the process. This […]

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Guest Post: How to Spot If Your Child Is Depressed

child is depressed divorce

As parents, we just want to get it right with our kids! When going through a major life transition, such […]

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