We are partially re-opening our offices for mediation sessions by appointment only beginning 6/1. Please read more for details.

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We Can’t Get Married, Does a Premarital Agreement Still Protect Me?

By Amanda Singer So, there are many couples out there who may have been scheduled to get married and plans […]

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Is Virtual Mediation Virtually as Good?

virtual mediation

By Todd Singer As the world has rapidly changed so too has how we interact with each other. Businesses have […]

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Information Regarding the Partial Re-Opening of Our Office

First of all, a sincere thank you to all our clients who have been flexible, understanding, and patient during this […]

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Communication Skills for Any Relationship 

communication skills

By Amanda Singer  Being ordered to shelter in place can be difficult for people in thriving happy relationships and even more difficult […]

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How Job Loss Could Impact Child Support and Spousal Support 

By Amanda Singer   As of April 24, 2020, the US has lost 26.5 million jobs over the past five weeks, […]

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Why Online Marital Mediation Is Crucial Right Now

marital mediation

By Jennifer Segura   The one idea I think we can all agree on during these unprecedented times is that there’s a lot we all take for granted. Our […]

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Splitting Assets In a Down Market 

get divorced during a down market

By Amanda Singer  A lot is going on right now in the world. For those of you currently involved in […]

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Online Mediation: How it Works  

online mediation

By Jennifer Segura   San Diego Family Mediation Center has always offered online mediation as an option to our clients. Typically, […]

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URGENT: Due to COVID19, We Are Moving 100% Online

Dear Clients & Community, COVID-19 has changed our lives dramatically in such a short period of time. Over the last […]

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You Don’t Need Closure on Everything

I think something a lot of people struggle with is the idea that to have a healthy, thriving marriage, that […]

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