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Why Do I Need a QDRO and What Is It?


Why Do I Need a QDRO and What Is It? Qualified Domestic Relations Orders… also referred to as a “QDRO” is […]

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How a Good Credit Score Can Save You Money

bad credit divorce

Guest Blog by Bridget Venus Grimes, CFP® What’s your credit score? And why does it matter? I recently met with a […]

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New Proposed Tax Changes: How This Will Impact Your Divorce

What affects could the proposed tax changes have on divorced clients? While there is still a lot of unknowns surrounding the […]

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Why Do We Not Talk About Money?

Recently I was catching up with a friend from college, and we started talking about money. The conversation soon turned […]

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Biggest Financial Mistakes People Make During a Divorce

Getting a divorce is no walk in the park. It is a complex and often confusing process. When you choose […]

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Life Insurance and Divorce

Here’s a topic I’m guessing not many of you have thought about. You’re thinking, “we’re divorced, why would I maintain […]

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Suddenly Becoming a Trustee of an Estate

I think we can all agree that we feel most insecure when suddenly, the order and direction of our daily […]

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The Child Tax Credit And Divorce

By Tom Norton, CPA, CDFA The child tax credit is available to all parents of a child under age 17, […]

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What Does Child Support Cover in California and How Is It Calculated?

What Does Child Support Cover in California

Child Support Guidelines: A parent’s first and principal obligation is to support his/her minor children A parent shall pay the […]

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Spousal Support in San Diego- FAQ

spousal support in san diego

Spousal Support in San Diego- FAQ If you’re going through a divorce, there are a few topics that can get […]

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