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What if the mediation falls apart? What do I do then?

If you and your spouse have the desire to work together to solve conflict outside of the court system, you should be able to complete your divorce through mediation. Despite the best of intentions, sometimes mediation comes to an absolute impasse. If either client determines they no longer wish to proceed with mediation, then the couple can continue their divorce within the court system.

Since divorce mediation is a pay-as-you-go process, there is little financial risk in trying, even if it isn’t successful. At worst, you might spend a few hundred dollars on mediation and end up in court. Alternatively, if your mediation is successful, you may have saved yourself tens of thousands of dollars. Just keep in mind that while mediation can be challenging, it is important not to give up.

SDFMC also offers a flat fee option that is paid upfront. Some clients prefer this to the pay-as-you-go option. Compared to the big retainer fees required by divorce attorneys, mediation is by far the most affordable alternative.