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How to Find a Family Mediator

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How to Find a Family Mediator

Trusting someone to help you through a conflict is a big deal. You need someone who you can feel confident in. This doesn’t mean you necessarily agree with everything they say, they need to be impartial. You want to find a family mediator who is 100% neutral. The search can lead you to many offices with many different personalities. We understand that it can be emotionally draining discussing your family conflict over and over. So that is why it is important to properly vet your family mediator before you go in for a free consultation.

First Step: Research

Do some initial research online. Start with a general search, visit some websites, read mediator bios, get a sense for who they are. Every mediator has their own style, try to choose one that you think will vibe well with your family. This isn’t always easy. If you are unsure, give the office a call and ask to chat for a minute. It may give you a better impression of the family mediation firm.

Second Step: Initial Consultation

Once you have narrowed it down to two or three mediation firms, schedule an initial consultation. Most offer this meeting for free. It is really about getting a sense of your particular situation and making suggestions on how to move forward. An experienced mediator should be able to estimate the approximate time you may need to resolve your conflict. Sometimes this can be accomplished in one or two two-hour sessions. Sometimes it will require a bit more time. It really depends on how complex your situation is. But it is important that you find a family mediator who understands the legal and emotional side of your case.

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