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Low-Cost Divorce San Diego

Low-Cost Divorce San Diego

Low-Cost Divorce San Diego

Many people who begin on the path to divorce quickly learn that it is not a cheap process. The average divorce case costs $20,000 to $30,000 PER PERSON! Why would you spend all the money you are trying to split among each other on your attorneys? For most, this cost isn’t even doable, let alone something you want to do. Thankfully, there is a way to have a low-cost divorce in San Diego. Mediation is 1/8th the cost of litigation. Interested in learning more about how mediation saves you money? Read more below.

Why Mediation Is a Fraction of the Cost of Litigation

When you choose to litigate your divorce, you may not know what you are in for. You begin the process by hiring attorneys and go to court. Then you start a long and arduous process of fighting back and forth. Instead of having your attorneys duke it out, what if you could make the decisions? Why give the court the power over your family? In mediation, we talk about all the same issues, but in an office instead of a courtroom. Instead of hiring each an attorney who will charge you at least $350/hr, you hire a single neutral third-party who is specially trained to navigate conflict, instead of instigating it. Think about it for a minute; the more conflict there is in your case, the more hours your attorney can bill. They don’t benefit from you working out your issues. It is better for them financially to continue to instigate conflict. In mediation, we work on a flat-fee basis. Before you begin your divorce, you will know exactly how much it will cost.

Make the Decisions for Your Case, Make Your Own Agreement

You know your family better than anyone. Why would you put your family’s future in a judge’s hands? Why would you pay some attorney thousands upon thousands of dollars? Instead, you and your spouse can come and work out your differences in mediation for a fraction of the price. Also, you are able to create an agreement that you both agree on and feel excited about.

How to Start a Low-Cost Divorce in San Diego

The first step in starting a low-cost divorce San Diego is to call our office for a free consultation. We can listen to your particular situation and make a recommendation on the right strategy moving forward. If you are interested in a low-cost divorce San Diego, contact us at (858) 736-2411 today!