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San Diego Divorce Mediator

Getting a divorce can be one of the most stressful events of your life. However, you don’t have to run down to the courthouse or hire an attorney. There is a much less complicated (and more affordable) way of getting a divorce in San Diego. By hiring a San Diego divorce mediator, you are taking away the contentiousness that often explodes after filing for divorce. We walk you and your spouse through the entire process from start to finish, without ever having to go to court.

The First Step

If you would like to get started with a San Diego divorce mediator, the first step is scheduling a free consultation. We offer this as a way to get to know us, see if mediation is a good fit for you and your spouse, and to explain a strategy in how to move forward. To schedule a free 45-minute consultation, please call our office at 858-736-2411 or use our online contact form

Filing the Initial Paperwork

During your first mediation session, you will go over any pressing issues that you would like to resolve and get started on your petition. The petition is the documents we will file with the court to start your divorce. You will need to provide us with some basic information that you would know off the top of your head. We will then discuss the plan for the following session and ask you to gather some financial paperwork to discuss splitting assets and debts.

Every Client Is Different

While we try to give a general overview of what the process is like with a San Diego divorce mediator, each client and each situation is unique. The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for mediation is to give us a call or come into our office to discuss a parenting plan, child custody, financial considerations, and more. We are happy to help you through this challenging process.